Below is a list of the services I currently offer. Hit me up by email to have a chat about ideas or questions you may have.

Freelance journalism:

I am a freelance print journalist and have written for dozens of national and foreign newspapers and magazines. I’ve covered politics, religion, sports, youth issues, music and culture and I’m always ready to write, edit or research a piece on short notice. Check out my portfolio of work here.

Freelance copywriting:

Everyone benefits from clear and engaging writing thats geared towards a particular purpose. I have experience in copywriting and creating innovative content for businesses, especially NGOs.

Social media consultancy: 

I have successfully handled the social media accounts of many companies, creating growth, clear branding and consistency. If you need advice about how to grow your social media platforms or how to market your brand on social media, get in touch.


Proofreading requires an eye for detail. I sift through work for repeated words, incorrect grammar, punctuation, syntactical errors or spelling mistakes. A good proofreader is important for that final check on important documents.


Whether it’s an essay, a Personal Statement, an article, or any other type of document, it’s essential that your writing is concise and succinct. With a strong background in journalism (which includes sub-editing other journalists’ work), I am used to rewording language and making stylistic edits to ensure work is expressive and creative without compromising on it’s coherence. I’ll also suggest ideas for improvement, including style, structure and themes.


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  1. have any work regarding islamic art?

  2. Omar, fantastic work. Do you run workshops at all?

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