Journalism portfolio

The Guardian

Stanzas on the street: is grime poetry?

Ed Miliband’s youth unemployment speech – Live magazine panel

Lowkey, Logic and a new wave of political British hip-hop MCs

Immortal Technique: ‘I’m seen as a threat to the status quo of hip-hop’

Yahya Hawwa, voice of the Syrian revolution

Islamic singers rewrite western hits to find new audiences for ‘faith-inspired’ songs

Maher Zain: ‘My music is a message of Islam’

Diary of a Badman: ‘I’m not a model Muslim, but I make people think’

The Independent

Heroic animals finally gain the recognition they deserve

Alan Titchmarsh: From botany to Borodin – a major shift in culture (byline)

Triskaidekaphobic? Don’t walk under a ladder this Friday (byline for research) 

A link to the blogs I’ve written for the Independent

Live Magazine

Obama, Israel & Gay Marriage: 2012 in Politics

Single Mums: To The Power Of One

Race to the top: the next generation of black and asian MPs

Bloody Nasty People: Interview with Daniel Trilling

Claire Fox: “young people have been abandoned”

London Mayor Candidate: Siobhan Benita Interview

Is traditional education outdated?

Interview with Paul Mason

Interview with Jon Snow

And…the many other things I’ve written for Live, including comedy, music and other politics stuff

The Times

Rabbi campaigns for recognition of Judaism in China

Jailed radical’s new mosque raises fears of Sunni-Shia conflict in Britain

Controversial Muslim sect continues to Grow

Women who turn to Islam in search of peace

Muslim leaders urge Islamic community to rethink stance on evolution

Muslim and gay: Islam begins to confront the issue

The New Statesman

Yes, these rioters are thugs

Time for an industry clean up

Gay, Muslim and Proud

Confessions of an ex-Muslim 

Al Jazeera 

The rise of Islamic Music

ISIL sympathisers say support is growing

Huffington Post

Investigation: Deportations to Africa Tearing Apart Families

Extradition Crisis: The Case of Talha Ahsan


Music showcases fashion trends

Aquila Style 

All articles can be found here

Jakarta Globe

Maher Zain, Keeping the Faith

Vice Magazine


The great Niqab debate

Today’s Zaman

Konya stands test of time as center for Islamic knowledge

Dunya Bulletin

Islam and hip-hop (I wrote hundreds of articles for these guys, but here are a few)

News: Chelsea boss Andre Villas-Boas full of praise for striker Fernando Torres after a double against Genk

Champions League Preview: Villarreal v Manchester City

Villarreal 0-3 Manchester City: Yaya Toure & Mario Balotelli inspire comprehensive win to send Mancini’s men second in Group A

HeDD Magazine

Beat Winter With Your Dose Of Superfoods!!

Ilford Recorder

Rapper Chipmunk drops in at Woodford Green barbers which is causing a “buzz”

London Centre for Arts and Cultural Exchange

The Literature of New Labour

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