Are Muslims the most intolerable people in the world?

Angry baby

It’s a depressing reality today that far too many Muslims are driving people out of their faith, rather than welcoming them in. A sense of self-righteousness, arrogance and intolerance has pervaded Muslim communities across the world and, if anything, it seems to be getting worse. While these may seem like generalisations, they are, in fact, uncomfortable truths and Muslims, not to mention an increasing amount of non-Muslim, know this to be the case.

This sense of self-righteousness is the opposite of true religion. In fact, it’s satanic. Self-righteous behaviour in a religious person is a sign of weakness of faith. It’s also a sign that your religion has become your personal identity, so any attack on the religion becomes an attack on you.

It wouldn’t be farfetched to say that Muslims today are in a worse state, spiritually, than ever before. It’s hard to imagine Muslims of the past being as judgemental as we are now. But not all of it is necessarily the fault of Muslims. With so much negative media attention, it’s inevitably had an effect on the Muslim mind and has caused Muslims to react in all sorts of sociopathic ways. The demonisation and intense pressure on Muslims to conform to the way everyone else is, has obviously had an effect. But, there is, of course, another reason. And it’s the erosion of the deep spiritual tradition within the faith which has been replaced by a dry, outward Islam that has put less emphasis on adab, or behaviour, and on the journey of destroying the ego.

Religious people, in general, are often intolerable people to be around. So, too, I suppose, are militant atheists. But the problem seems to be particularly acute among Muslims, partially because Muslims still take their faith very seriously. And, when you combine strong faith with a lack of education and arrogance, it’s a recipe for disaster. It sometimes gets so bad that Muslim Youtube celebrities like Adam Saleh and Yousef Erakat (Fouseytube) have made videos of themselves crying because of how hurt they’ve been by the constant attacks and judgements of Muslims.

I’m aware of many people who’ve left the faith, or, have become very secular with their beliefs and practises, because, quite frankly, they’re fed up with the “Muslim community” and how they’re treated by their fellow religious adherents. I was recently told about a white, British convert who was in Egypt, praying on some prayer beads when an angry, puritanical Muslim snatched them away from her, threw them on the floor and shouted this is ‘bidah’, [an innovation in the religion]. This deeply upset her, especially as she had just entered the faith and was trying to understand it to the best of her ability; it damaged her and she never recovered.

There are, of course, tens of thousands of similar cases. One of my own family members converted to Islam in her 20s but after a host of terrible experiences with Muslims, treating her in not-so-friendly-ways, and teaching her backward, cultural practises, she no longer calls herself a Muslim.

So it becomes somewhat ironic when Muslims rejoice about a new person entering the faith but soon drive them out of it. Sadly, we hear these stories far too regularly. Some of the more judgemental and less sensitive Muslims may be saying how it’s ridiculous to leave the faith because of other people, because those people aren’t representative of their religion. While that’s true, the reality is that people are deeply affected by those of the same faith, especially when these same people are supposed to be their “brothers” and “sisters”.

I was recently speaking to a Muslim politician in Britain who, although still deeply committed to his faith, says that he has “left the Muslim community” because he can’t stand their views and attitudes. In other words, he doesn’t go to Muslim events or gatherings and he can count his Muslim friends on one hand. He says that far too many Muslim don’t read, so they have stupid, regressive views on life. And he believes there is too much anger during sermons, so he is very picky about what Mosques he goes to on Fridays.

“We, as a community, have serious problems,” says Waleed, a friend of mine. “We prefer to squabble about stupid, petty issues and in doing so, shout ‘kafir!’, [excommunicating others from the faith] rather than address important issues affecting the humanity.”

However, on a brighter note, Muslims aren’t all doom and gloom. The most luminous people I’ve ever met have been Muslims. When you find a person of deep faith, without ego and a sense of sanctimony, who has internalised the highest virtues of Islam, they are a blessing to encounter.





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  1. Andrew jackson June 6, 2021 — 4:08 am

    Answer to the title is yes

  2. ‘And it’s the erosion of the deep spiritual tradition within the faith which has been replaced by a dry, outward Islam that has put less emphasis on adab, or behaviour, and on the journey of destroying the ego’

    I apologise for my grammar I am not a well educated person.

    We seem to be a show for our own people everyone in our mosques seems to be a bigger and better mufti than the other person just because they may have been on tabligh or done a few courses.

    Young guys in there early 20s who work everyday jobs in stores seem to walk and act all high and mighty because they have beards and pray.

    As the brother has said our religion is about losing your ego and having a spiritual connection with ALLAH not just ticking boxes. Humbleness is the key to this and many of us seem to lack this is every aspect.

    You can hear people trying to read loudly in mosque to show of there tajweed and when the Imam is absent others jump forward to lead the prayers and read great long suras which they have learned to get the chance to lead the salah and show people. It makes me cringe.

    Our deen is beautiful how a person we would consider close to ALLAH would consider themselves far away from ALLAH. Yet a person who’s far from ALLAH would consider themselves close to ALLAH.

    It seems pride both of the dunya and our deen is taking us away so our hearts are bereft of ALLAHS mercy and our hearts remain hard and unable to reach the spirituality which is the core to expelling all the diseases within our hearts which are needed for ALLAH to be present within our hearts.

    There is a number of factors on this but me personally would say that humbleness in front of people muslims and none muslims plays a huge role. We should give salaam to one another regardless of who you are and our characters should be of a pleasant HELPFULL nature both to non muslims and muslims alike.

    Hadith quote

    The best amongst you is the one who’s most useful to others

  3. I am a revert (reverted all by myself) in a non Muslim country, and got dumped by a foreign Muslim man, because I am too afraid to wear a head covering. I suppose he thinks he is a better Muslim than me.

  4. Unfortunately most muslims are blind to understand what you said in this article, anyway I hope more writings like this in future ,

  5. Please do not hide, obscure or delete my following reply. This article, like thousands of its kind on the internet, is Islamophobic par excellence. However, such articles will not stop the rise of Islam in the West and the world, Not all that is mentioned in this article is true though Muslims are not angels. Some Muslims must mend their behaviours but Muslims are generally the best communities on earth in manners, though not in technology, selling arms, war-mongering, nor looting the world’s oil resources like the Westerners.. Christians fought two world wars resulting in the death of about 50 million souls. In the past, Britain and France fought The One Hundred Years War, etc. Still Muslims have unity though Christians changed Jesus’s message and came up with the Trinity and deification of Jesus.

    Jews and Christians are more self-righteous than Muslims though Muslims have The Qur’an correcting The Bible and guiding humanity to what is best. Christian love has produced the Crusadesin Palestine and the Middle East in the 12th & 13th centuries as well as the Christians’ occupation of Muslim countries in Asia and Africa in the 19th & 20th centuries. Jewish wisdom has produced genocide of Muslims in Palestine, demolishing their homes and building Jewish settlements there. Now Judeo-Christian wars on Islam have led to the destruction of Iraq and Syria, and looting their natural resources (oil). ISIS is created by USA and Israe

    The Judgments on Muslims in this Islamophobic article are sly and generalized and do not represent the overwhelming majority of Muslims nor undermine The Quran or Islam. There is always a difference between theory and practice.This article criticizes Muslims in Europe though they are hard-working and thriving business-wive and their children are good achievers at schools and universities. Muslims in the West are family men, who care for their women; they do not wine-imbibing nor womanizers. Muslims are the most peaceful communities on earth.

    Jews and Christians have always criticized Islam and fought Muslims since the rise of Islam in 610 AD. Jews and Christians (Mossad, CIA, European countries Intelligence masterminded and carried out operations of violence in Europe (Paris, Munich, Brussels) and USA (Orland and New York) throughout 2018/ 2017 in the name of Muslims to defame Islam; they used to hire jobless Muslims living in the West to do such violent operations for a big sum of money which they did not get because they were shot dead by the afore-mentioned intelligence men to hide the CIA-Mossad-Euro intelligence crimes. Who said this? The electronic Renegade Tribune in July 2016 said the cameraman who shot (videoed) the Munich violent incident (2016) was the same cameraman who shot (videoed) the French church violent incident (2016).

    • You just kind of prove the point 🙂
      Islamophobic = Islam + Phobia.
      A phobia is an excessive and irrational fear reaction
      Where in there is an irrational fear?

      Another absurd are those crusades. Please educate yourself about
      Islam Expansion from 622–750. You may understand then more about those crusades.

      • Muhammad Bahaa Wasfy August 28, 2018 — 11:31 pm

        Reply: Islam’s expansion vis-a-vis European Crusades in the Middle Ages
        Thank you. Muslims’ expansion as from 7th century AD was from China Eastward to Spain Westward and from Vienna nortrhward to South Africa. Muslims’ expansion was for the benefit of mankind. For example, it rid Egyptian Christians of the tyranny & persecution of the Romans; it also rid the Persians of worshiping fire/their kings & Indians of worshiping cows. Muslims’ expansion resulted in the building of several civilizations, notably in India (1,000 years) & Andalusia or Muslim Spain (800 years). They were loved because of their establishing Islamic values, notable justice & equality.
        However, the Christian Crusades exterminated thousands of Muslims in Acre, Palestine alone, which, historians said,. resulted in bloodbaths.. Saladin (ruler of Egypt) repelled the Crusaders in 1191 AD and his personal doctor looked after Richard Lion-Heart (King of England) who was seriously ill until he left back to Europe. Muslims treated the invading Crusaders in a civilized and humane manner unlike the Spaniards’ Inquisition when Muslims had to leave Spain.

  6. A Muslim woman tonight commented to me “what’s he going to think” about our 8 year old son, and how me and his father are divorced. I responded “hopefully that we love him very much like we do”. Ignorant comment from her..reminds me of the same ignorance the Italians (my relatives) had when they first came to Canada and for a generation after. Same lady complains her son does not like to read and is struggling with reading, but refuses to read with him and encourage it.

  7. I will never be a Muslim EVER AGAIN. You were right about everyone’s happy when you become a Muslim until they start dealing with Islam itself and then find it to be a bunch of regressive bull. Crybullies. ALL OF THEM ARE THIS WAY. They’re great at waterworks, but it’s all crocodile tears. Do’t believe any of it.

    • Ialamophobic reply0 read my reply to this article below. Thank you.

      • Your commentary just proved the point of the original article the worse way – your reply is full of self-righteousness and harsh judgements about other religions…. Sorry!
        The author is a Muslim too, I think, and – Phobic or non-phobic – Muslims should learn to live on with it and accept when they are not right; and improve themselves first to set an example;

    • Muhammad Bahaa Wasfy August 28, 2018 — 11:53 pm

      This reply is most probably written by the owner of this miserable site because he/she failed to elicit responses defaming Muslims. So, he or she hurled his/her swearing about Muslims , which is punishable by any fair court.

  8. Any religion is a force for good. One must and can only find the path they lead. Those who try to influence the path that others least are the ones that the most ignorant.

    • Oh yes. Beheading, raping, murdering, enslaving, torturing, indoctrinating, deliberate obfuscation, mass deception – all such forces for good.

      • All this was first practised by Christians par excellance. If you need examples go to my facebook page. Now it is all being practised by Jews in Palestine and the Middle East, backed and financed by Christians. Read my article Judeo-Christian war on Islam.

      • Muhammad Bahaa Wasfy August 29, 2018 — 12:13 am

        I live in the Middle East and I believe the false accusations about Muslims in the above words are mere lies and false propaganda. The beheading scene by Isis in Syria on TVs, was shot in Hollywood by Zionist Islamophobes who founded and funded ISIS.

        Rape and murder are practised by Zionists against the Palestinians in Israel.

        Watch Western TVs to see the news of rape & murder by the Westerners. They ceaselessly export these scenes of murder and rape to the Muslim world in the form of films and TV dramas. The lies above against Muslims are projections of the diseased mind of the owner of this Islamophobic site.

  9. This comment is true for all religions. If a person does not become gnostic in some point in there life
    then they would have missed the boat, and they would exuberate self righteousness blindly.
    After all, “knowledge is what makes the ignorant wise”.

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