The goal of the mystic is to allow human spirituality to always precede human psychology.

By allowing emotion to become the dominant force in our life, the spiritual component within us dissipates or lies dormant.

The modern world is form without content, emptiness, devoid of meaning, illusory,  upside down. Why do you think there is so much depression and sickness? We’re seeking happiness but all we find is nothingness.

Our judgemental nature is a manifestation of the divine attribute the Judge but, because we are limited and imperfect, our judgements are circumscribed, hasty and often wrong. Our judgemental nature is an important quality because it helps us ascertain the rightness and wrongness of things. However, through purification of the heart, and reducing our insecurities, we begin to stop judging people and use our judgement purely to determine the rightness or wrongness of an action – we become able to perceive the true reality behind things.

People who can’t express themselves often resort to violence and angry speech. Look at terrorists. Their terrorism often results from an inability to properly express their grievances.

Those with a backward interpretation of their faith aren’t going to be moving forward towards their Lord.

In any community, those with the loudest voice end up becoming representatives of their group – Dawkins and Bin Laden – even though they might not be truly representative.

Do you worship technology? No? Well how much do you spend using modern technology every day?

Be in a state of Ridha, complete tranquil, serene, acceptance of the divine Will – don’t be perturbed by life’s vicissitudes but, as Meister Eckhart said, be like the hinge of a door: even though the door may swing, remain still at your core.

As human beings became more rational, we wanted to rationalise everything. We also tried to rationalise God. But God can’t be rationalised. Do you see the problem?

Who are you underneath your social conditioning and genetic programming?

Don’t get your knowledge from someone who appears arrogant. Because arrogance is synonymous with being delusional.

“Intelligent” people often make bad decisions, decisions, for example, which will be detrimental to one’s health. Why would someone drink and smoke excessively, knowing it is killing them? If “intelligent” people drink and smoke to excess, why are they likely to make an intelligent decision about God?

We are delusional creatures, insecure, and do things which are bad for us because we live in the present and not taking heed of the future. 

When human beings are pushed to their limit, or put out of their comfort zones, two things can emerge: they will either crumble or the the best will come out.

A surface and basic understanding of Islam makes it appealing. A decent level of knowledge makes it suspicious. But a deep, intellectual understanding makes it irrisistable.

Even though Betrand Russell once said you shouldn’t judge a religion by its adherents. Religion is generally defined by its followers, not by its scriptures.

The world is a manifestation of the divine Imagination and a blend of divine Mercy and divine Rigour. But the human heart only tends to perceive the two extremes, there is a lot of grey. 

Imam Ali (as) once said that it is when you die that you wake up. But what death was he referring to? The death in this life, i.e. the death of one’s desires, also known as fana to the Sufis? Or the physical death where the human being enters the grave? Or perhaps both?

Parents should give their children three things: space, freedom and education.

While many of us take a physical shower every day, how often do we shower to wash our inner self?

Just like we lose potential energy when we’re going downhill and gain potential energy when we go uphill, when we descend into the profane, bestial world of the lower self, we lose potential energy but when we go against our lower self and fight our desires, we build potential energy and good external actions become easy. 

Are you arguing to find the truth or to “win” the argument?

The intellectual will understand the inner meanings of religion, much of it is hyperbolic, allegorical and written in such a way to communicate an essential message with brevity. Remember: even a literal interpretation, is also an interpretation.

Because our society has become so fast-paced, so have our minds and reactions. We therefore use the reptilian part of our brain more and not our intellect.

The stages of sin: disobedience, slothfulness, regress, apathy, disobedience.

The primary goal of every human should be to rid ourselves of self-delusions and insecurities, without doing so, contentment will remain precarious.

Some girls think that they can make boys change, from being a player to being a dedicated boyfriend. Now, while this is possible, girls forget that the boy was a player before because of some sort of insecurity about himself. And it is the insecurity that they need to address, because that lies at the heart of the issue.

Never trust a girl who is very forward with you. Girls who are very forward with guys, very often, have insecurities.

Both atheists and religious believers exhibit confirmation bias: we try to find information which confirms our beliefs and we negate information which goes against our beliefs.

Most human beings are deluded in that we process information via confirmation bias.

What mechanism has secularism got that inculcates selflessness within the individual?

The worst of all human prisons is the one we create by ourselves through our insecurities and self-delusions. Only by climbing out of these can we really be free.

Religion is an ideal, an end. Within religion you have means to attain the end.

Religion can be compared to Immanuel Kant’s Summum Bonum, the single, ultimate important end which humans beings ought to pursue. If it is achieved then you have the Aristotelian concept of eudaimonia.

People treat rituals and outward appearance as an ends when they are a means to an end. The end of religion is divine proximity.

Is worship an end in itself? If yes, is even perfunctory worship an end?

“There are 1.5 billion Muslims in the world, so statistically, there are obviously going to be some nut-cases”, Hamza Yusuf.

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  1. Refreshing to be reminded. Thanks for sharing!

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