Twitter, Facebook, Food, Life and God

Today is probably the first time in about a year where I have had hardly anything to do. It’s easy to fall into the trap of sitting around doing nothing, Tweeting, Facebooking and grazing like a cattle, you know, searching the fridge every 25minutes. Instead I’ve occupied my mind with fairly useful activities: reading and thinking. Here are some random thoughts from today, some arbitrary but others perhaps intuited from something deeper.

  • The dunya’s distractions cause distance from the divine                                                               resulting in disorder and despondency dominating the mind.                                                      (Dunya is an Arabic word which means the lower world).
  • There is the self (lower case ‘s’) and the Self (upper case ‘s’). The self is an illusion. Once we realise the illusion, it can be destroyed and all that is left is the Self, the Reality that resides within us.
  • By constantly glorifying the divine, we come to realise our own nothingness. With God’s grace, it might result in realising the illusion of the self and the Reality of the Self.
  • One loses potential energy when you’re going downhill and gains potential energy when going uphill. Likewise, when we listen to and descend into the profane, bestial world of our lower self, we lose potential [spiritual] energy. But, every time we go against our lower nature, and ascend to our higher self, we build up potential energy.
  • Just like how the more time we spend with people we begin to get comfortable and open up, because we spend so much time on social networking sites, we get comfortable and open up.
  • The worst type of cognitive dissonance is when one prevents themselves from worshipping the Creator when in the depths of their being, they are yearning to worship Him.
  • Why do you presume that your literal interpretation of scripture is the correct one, when that, too is an interpretation?
  • There is good reason to believe that Hell isn’t eternal, because that would imply that God created people to dwell in Hell eternally.
  • Hell is less a punishment but more a purification of the soul before it can enter Paradise. Souls must be a delight to the other blessed spirits and, if they aren’t, they require purification first.
  •  Entering earthly existence ephemerality ensues                                                                                             We forget our purpose & God we refuse
  • The inner, esoteric tradition in all religions is one, but the exoteric tradition is religions is many.
  • Maybe you haven’t found God because you haven’t been looking in the right places.
  • Where art thou wife? Come out, come out, wherever you are…

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