An Open Letter to EDL Leader Tommy Robinson From a Muslim

Dear Stephen,

After watching your video that you’ve just posted on Youtube, in which you seem frustrated, fed up and angry, highlighting that you no longer have a life, you keep getting arrested, you have court case after court case, your wife has been arrested, your house has been raided, you’ve done eight days in remand, you’ve served three days in a swiss jail, you believe the Metropolitan police have stitched you up, you have outstanding mortgage payments (which you can’t pay) and your EDL supporters are turning against you – I’d like to ask you a simple question: do you still want to do this?

You mention in your video that you’re “fuc**** fed up”, you also say “you don’t want to be the person doing this”. Your supporters are becoming disgruntled, too.

Let me be clear: I hold no hatred against you, I wish the best for every human being. In life, we all have our personal challenges that we must confront. It’s a shame that you’ve managed to land yourself in this unfortunate position, you clearly don’t want this life anymore, but, as you say, you’re now in it for the rest of your life. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Not only have you become a victim of hatred by many people because of you far-right rhetoric since you became leader of the EDL. But you became the victim of the far-right media, Islamophobes and the huge tide of Islamophobia following 9/11 and 7/7, which led you into thinking that Islam is a religion worth fighting. It’s not. In this video you admit that you “don’t need to learn about Sharia. I’ve seen all I need to see…from the internet.” Stephen, the internet isn’t always reliable. (I’ve written a short piece about Sharia here, I’d advise you to read it).

Last week’s EDL demonstration at Walthamstow, saw a counter protest by people of all ethnicities, cultures and religions. There were white, black and Asian people all showing that they are united – and Islam isn’t the enemy. The real enemy, they felt, are those who seek to denigrate the harmless practitioners of the Islamic faith.

Stephen, you no longer have to be the enemy of the British public. Quit now, you’ll find plenty of forgiving souls. But as long as you continue to tweet things like: “Kids go 2 fancy dress parties as pirates who were killers,liars & cheats! Will kids in 20yrs go 2 fancy dress parties as Muslims then?” “I went into the Library and asked if they had any books on murder, rape & genocide and the librarian gave me the Koran!!!” “To my muslim followers. 50 percent of you marry your cousins. Give me a rt if your one of those that ended up f****** there cousin.” Tweeting these sort of things are provocative, gratuitous and needless.

You say that you receive death threats, but it’s not surprising that you do, your rhetoric is bound to inflame hatred against you and some people are obviously going to react over-zealously.

Your views about Islam and Muslims aren’t based on anything concrete or factual; yes, there are many Muslims who have abused you, but they are not representative of all British Muslims. Instead, your views have been highly influenced by those whose interests are in distorting the image of Islam and Muslims, namely the media and some high-profile people, who profit of the back of it.

Before you became leader of the EDL, you had a portfolio of houses and a tanning salon. You now have your bank accounts frozen, you’re under financial restraint, you admit that you broke up with your wife before last week’s demo, some EDL members are departing into splinter groups and your party have no funding.

It’s time to stop and realise the reality of the situation. You’ve been fooled, as have countless other people. Open your eyes and your heart.

I don’t know how many people I speak for when I say, if you desist from what you’re doing, stop spewing hatred and apologise for the wrong you’ve done, I will support you from now on. Not only will I do that, but I’ll fight all those who continue to fight against you (the Quran commands people to fight against those who oppress others).

The choice is yours. Life is short. This may be your last chance.

Your brother in humanity,

Omar Shahid


Read my interview with Daniel Trilling, author of Bloody Nasty People: The rise of the far-right on Live Magazine


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  1. please message bak if you fucked tommy robisons mum last night. Stevie m you thick bastard you council estate bum rider you fucking fag low life scum son of a bitch thick twat I fucked your mum you mother fucker

  2. Tommy I fucked you mum you bastard

  3. You are a wonderful intelligent young man, and it was lovely to read your message, we clearly do not need people like Tommy Robinson creating even more hate in the world, it saddens me to see it.
    thank you for giving me something positive and inspiring to read.
    have a wonderful day my friend and fellow human being.

  4. is it me or do all racists and bigots have a problem with the english language? 🙂

  5. the usual bile spewed from the mouth of another lying islamic fool. we know the quran demands you conquer the world. well we are not fooled by your false words muslim. we shall never bow to your false religion.

  6. what a load of propaganda crap !……a moslem as always parading as a ‘reasonable citizen’….you’ve only got to look at the videos available on the web to see the true objectives of islam…..ok there may be a handful of peaceful ones…but where are their voices when islam commits all the atrocities around the world that our press is silent about…showing it is all a part of the NWO…and why have some (a very few) brave moslems rejected islam and spoken out against its barbarity…..

  7. @omar on ur comments?its not ALL about muslims.but wen u got british born muslims in england going on demo’s and slagging off british troops on parrade and burning poppies.and all you hear is many many british born muslims getting arrested for terrorists.and many other nasty point is this is england and when u get scum like that WELL what do u expect it will piss people OFF simple and for people like you to put letters or comments regarding english people getting pissed off and doing counter demos againts scum like m.a.c or any other extremists WELL i dont know what planet your on.and its not just a small group off scum there are many of them.and if you are thinking yeah yeah yeah well way dont you come and counter against them scum ?

  8. go Bak 2 ure own cuntry eeedl eeedl. stupid muzzis haha lol luvd teh jowkes tommi.

    Ders gonna bee cvil war soon. Tommy wil b teh next chuchill. 4get teh tannin salon tommi, stert armint’roops.

    hw can muzzis get all deez benefits, and wite peeple lyk me cant dis cuntrys gowin 2 teh gutter.

  9. Masha Allah well said . The true enemy is within . Thus u can only defeat it vis true communication & +ve dialogue & mixing in & mingling ameen<3

  10. What is needed is Tommy and his clan being invited to debate Muslims on the topic of the Quran and the Hadith and Sharia. Inviting them to click on links to read further on subjects that require the commitment of brain cells is pointless.

    These people talk and understand primary colours, they need to be met eye to eye to be given a chance to cite verses and passages and be humiliated by reasoning and knowledge. It’s the best way to delegitimise and discredit their cause and not forgetting the entertainment value that it can provide.

    • Debate is needed but we must also show love to those who fight us.

      • Well v. Well written letter told 2 a tee . I feel some1 had 2 tell them so. I don’t like EDL thus they promote hatred 4 ISLAM . Thus we r 4giving is in muslim nature 2. But I still can’t trust them with barge pole. Thus they sow what their reaped . But otherwise v solid step in2 reconciliation . Ppl should b @ peace & harmony with each other then @ each others throat . Thus Peace is with Allah swt ameen♥

  11. I found this article quite touching. Before I start, I’m a young, white male from a working class background. I’m not a Muslim but I’ve always found it deplorable to persecute people based on religion.

    All too often I have to listen to people like the EDL claiming they are representing me as a working class Brit. They say that I’m the silent majority and they’re saying what I’m afraid to say. But this is, of course, completely untrue. There is no silent majority. I’m not afraid to voice my views, which is why I’ve never been afraid to stand up to the bigotry and ignorance of the EDL.

    They don’t represent anything British to me and I certainly don’t agree with their racism and their acts of terrorism (which they claim they’re trying to stop, but are doing themselves).

    To see a Muslim write an article like this makes me happy. Happy to know that despite everything the Stephen and the EDL have thrown at Islamic people, there are still many willing to forgive him, willing to speak up and be the truthful and honest voice for all of the persecuted Muslims out there.

    That to me says a lot and it really shows that far-right groups who target Islam based on nothing but the rumours they spread to each other in their local pub are completely misguided about Muslims in Britain.

    At the end of the day, all we are is one race – Humanity, living on large masses of land poking out of the ocean that covers most of the giant rock we live on. Whichever one of those masses of land you were born on is pretty meaningless. We all share the same planet. Why be prejudice against our fellows just because we hold different views on how we came to exist? The water of life that we see as a division, is nothing but the surface. Underneath, all countries are connected and as are all people.

    Choose what you think or believe and be content with that. It is yours. Attacking other people because they differ, what’s the point?

  12. You have held your hand out to a guy who fights against you and tries to destroy everything you stand for. For that you have displayed the true character of a Muslim community who are too often victimised unjustly. I am not a religious person but humanity is the key to stopping bigotry and ignorance in the world.

    If only this letter was frontpage news instead.

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