The Higgs-Boson and why God created the universe

Know your Lord

This is the essential question which lies at the heart of all religious traditions. In the Abrahamic religions, human beings are created in a state of servitude; to glorify, worship and manifest God’s greatness. However, the quintessential, underlying message which runs through all religions, is for human beings to come to know God. Each religion teaches us different ways how to reach the divine, but the goal is one: knowing our Lord. But to come to know God, we must first purify ourselves to reach the level of the “perfected human”. All the religious and spiritual traditions have a head figure – whether it be: Jesus, Buddha, Moses or Muhammad – who ultimately represent human perfection or is used as a role model.

The ‘God particle’ 

Scientists have recently found the “God particle”, the Higgs-Boson which, in fact, neither disproves God nor affirms His existence. The claim is that they have empirically justified the Higgs-Boson – which is the particle which makes the Higgs field, which is responsible for giving particles mass. That’s it. Honestly. It’s got nothing to do with God. It doesn’t tell us anything about why the universe exists or how it came into existence; that’s outside the realm of physics.

So, why did God create the universe?

The Islamic tradition, however, does give us answers. According to a recent talk Shaikh Abdul Hakim Murad (Tim Winter) gave in Turkey – Allah, the divine, is beautiful and loves beauty and because of the divine’s love of being recognised as beautiful, the world and all that within it was created. The divine plenitude – according to Abdul Hakim – is made perfect when He is recognised as being beautiful.This is done through worship, hence why the Quran says: I have created man and jinn only to worship/adore/serve me.” (51:56) That, essentially, is why we are here.

In creation, there must something that represents perfect beauty, which is contingent and not absolute, and recognises the beauty and perfection of the divine – this is the holy Prophet Muhammad. According to Mirza Ghalib, the Urdu and Persian poet, creation exists because of the holy Prophet. Abdul Hakim says: “The perfect recognition of divine beauty is the worshipping heart of Muhammad, peace be upon him.

The famous dictum known among the Islamic spiritual traditions is: “I was a hidden treasure who loved to be known, so I created this creation to introduce Myself, and through it, they came to know Me.” This love brought the world into existence.

According to a Prophetic tradition, it is said that once God loves us: “I am his hearing with which he hears, his seeing with which he sees, his hand with which he strikes, and his foot with which he walks. Were he to ask (something) of Me, I would surely give it to him, and were he to ask Me for refuge, I would surely grant him it.”



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  1. Indeed the Higgs Particle was found and it neither proves or disproves the existence of God. However, the weight of the particle is where it influences theology. The weight of the Higgs particle would either support supersymmetry, indicating intelligent design, or multiverse, indicating everything was created out of chaos and randomness. Allah already said that He created everything in pairs, and this falls in line with the supersymmetry theory. The CERN experiment actually ruled out the multiverse theory for scientists, but it did not prove or disprove supersymmetry and needs more tests at CERN (experiments should restart after upgrades to equipment between 2013-2016). Check out the documentary “Particle Fever”. Very fascinating :). Jazak’Allah Khair!

  2. The Higgs Boson should no longer be called the “god particle”, why? because there is now actually verifiable unequivocal evidence that it exists unlike any god.

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