Why do we fall in love?

What is love? 

Love is one of those things that cannot really be defined. I’m sure most of us have experienced love in some way in our lives, whether it be for your: parents, girlfriend, boyfriend or even a pet. True, love can come in different forms and at different intensities. Sometimes we probably even confuse love with something else. But how do two people fall in love with each other?

This is my theory. The electromagnetic force (the interaction of electric currents or fields and magnetic fields) is one of the four known fundamental forces. The electromagnetic force is the one responsible for all the phenomena we encounter in our daily lives. All the forces involved in interactions between atoms can be explained by the electromagnetic force and from this we experience “pushing” and “pulling”.

Now, because everything is in a constant state of vibration (according to the “law of vibration“) it should be possible that two human beings can begin to vibrate at the same frequency and therefore in union. When two human beings begin to vibrate at exactly the same rate, their electromagnetic fields will begin to align.

Once this happens, both their energies will attract like a magnet, and they will experience the “pulling” feeling.

Also, let’s say that subject A, is in love with subject B, because A’s electromagnetic field has aligned with B’s. It is still possible that B, perhaps for some unknown non-physical reason, can “push” or “repel” the attraction and therefore B will not fall in love with A. However, if A’s electromagnetic field is strong enough and endures for long enough, B’s field could eventually weaken and align with A’s. However, because our fields are constantly oscillating, vibrating and never remain still, it is also possible that the two people will never align.

In the Islamic tradition, it is believed that in our primordial existence – before we descended into the world – the souls which were close, will have a natural affinity in this life.  Now, if we come in close proximity to the souls we were near in our primordial existence, it is highly likely that the electromagnetic fields will align – because on the spiritual level, the two souls will seek communion. They will also want to unite so that, together, they can work to return to their primordial Home. 

However, science will never be able to penetrate this far into the human substance to ascertain the veracity of such claims. But, because science can, to an extent, delve and look into the physical, i.e. the brain – certain psychological processes can be understood. For example, new research shows that love is not only blind, but can make us stupid, as the rational parts of the brain shut down.

We shouldn’t forget that the physical and the non-physical, are inextricably linked in this life. Therefore what occurs on the physical level, i.e. with the brain, will affect the non-physical level and vice versa.


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