Syria poem: The story of Zainab

With reports of Syrian soldiers burying a man alive

People are calling for western military intervention to arrive

What’s happening there is nothing less than a bloodbath

This is the story of a girl, the last in the military’s path

Far down the hill she sees the soldiers coming

Terrified she closes her eyes and starts humming

With no one to protect her she is defenceless

She carefully moves her hands towards her necklace

Tightly grabbing it she opens it and feels it at ease

Knowing this was the last thing she has of her mum she falls to her knees

Weeping – no mother, father, sibling or home to speak of

Her heart feels empty, she has no one to love

She wants revenge on these evil Alawite men

Suicide bombing enters her head time and time again

Tears fall from her precious, covered face

Yet she still manages to conduct herself with grace

Mother raped, father mutilated and brother blown into smithereens

“These people don’t classify as humans they are warped machines”

Yet firm she remains and nothing will defeat with the girl

She stands in the sun shining like a pearl

Her faith in God is all she can cling to

A completely different perspective to the Western world view

As the Syrian soldiers get nearer and nearer

Their intentions get evidently clearer

Carefree for their own people’s life

Whether they are a child or even a wife

The precious little girl trembles in fear

As the soldiers are now very near

The young child’s eyes filled with sincerity

Was about to see a place filled with prosperity

Mercilessly the treacherous soldiers open fire

The girl falls down while the soldiers sit and admire

Zainab opens her eyes and sees her family much higher

Words are insufficient to explain

The nightmare taking place under Bashar Al Assad’s reign

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