Win Free Tickets to Underage Festival featuring Devlin, Labrinth and Yasmin

A girl in my course at university once came into a lecture shaken, terrified and almost in tears; she had witnessed a young man die on his bicycle after being run over by a lorry. Road safety is sometimes not given the importance that it should have.

This is why Live Magazine have teamed up with TFL to produce a game called StopThinkWin. The aim of the game is to get to the target locations and, eventually, reach the Underage Festival; if you win the game you could win free tickets to the event.

Underage Festival will feature Devlin, Labrinth, Yasmin, Giggs and others.

With a shout at getting a ticket and getting your hands on Cineworld passes, an MTV goodie bag and other amazing prizes, get playing. Hurry, the game won’t be on the website for much longer.

Rumour has it that the game is addictive….

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