Lowkey, Hip-Hop & The Five Girls

Shall I tell you a funny story? I went to an event yesterday, called Un-Convention, at the Roundhouse – it was about “looking at political voices and social messages through spoken word, hip hop, social media, art and culture.” There was a series of talks and in one of these talks, called “The politicisation of hip-hop”, Lowkey was suppose to be one of the panelists.

Sat right at the front of the seminar hall were five young girls, four of them wore jumpers, and on the back of these jumpers was stitched LOWKEY.  Obviously big fans.

The talk Lowkey was suppose to be featuring in was at 3pm, however, the girls arrived at the event before 11am – the time the event began. At 3pm, the girls moved to the front row of the seminar room, eagerly awaiting Lowkey. There were five seats at the front of the hall for the panelists. Three of the panelists sat down – and then the moderator came. There was one seat empty. Where was Lowkey?

“Quick announcement everybody”, said the moderator, “We’ve just found out Lowkey can’t make it.” “WHAT!” said the girls, frantically looking at each other. “We came here just to see him, that’s all we came for!”

Yeah, so anyway, Lowkey didn’t come and the girls ended up listening to the talk, rather sullenly. After the talk, despite there being two hours left until the event finished, the girls left the building. The end.

LESSON: Don’t come to an event for one person and be careful of idolising a person.


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  1. Looll Love the abruptness.. but unfortunately it’s true, loads of Muslim girls idolise Lowkey but don’t follow the message.. What’s the point??

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