Spin – The Outside View on Current Affairs

James Lee (co-founder) and I first conceived the idea of Spin early in 2011, but since then, we have changed our minds about the direction of Spin several times.

It started of as a simple current affairs website – there wasn’t going to be anything particularly special about the site.

We then decided to combine current affairs with photography, and although we didn’t end up doing this, we hope to introduce this concept sometime in the future.

After four months of what can only be described as a series of comedic yet frustrating delays, Spin is finally here – thankfully.

What is Spin? Essentially, we are a current affairs website, but, distinctively, we combine our articles with thought-provoking custom-made art designed by one of our artists.  With a plethora of current affairs websites all over the Internet, Spin hopes to offer a different take on things – an outside view.

The outside view on current affairs – our tagline – conveys the idea that we will approach current affairs in a new light. All of our writers and artists are under the age of 24, but we haven’t selected merely anyone – we believe we have some of the very best writers and artists.

We are also deliberately left wing; we hope to start a discourse around issues that are not always propounded by the mainstream media. Everything about our website is slightly different, including our category names:

Left Wing – coverage of the most important political events.

Rhythm – critique of the mainstream music industry.

Catch 22 – a philosophical take on current affairs.

Onside – opinion and reporting on football issues, especially the big names and clubs.

The Outsiders – a look at our writers and artists.

Omar Shahid, Editor


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