Twitter vs Journalism

Some say journalism is becoming more lazy. But maybe journalism is just entering a new phase, perhaps it is undergoing a mini revolution. These days, journalists don’t have to go out and get quotes from people, they just have to go on twitter.

Furthermore, journalists are not necessarily the first to get knowledge of events when they first occur. If a high profile person tweets something, it is down to luck – or whoever happens to be on Twitter at the time – who sees what has happened. This only means that journalism will become more competitive in the future as information is now so accessible to literally everyone.

If there is a major world event, the first place we will hear about it is on Twitter. Thinking about it, Twitter is brilliant. Everyone should use it, it’s more fun than Facebook these days. Facebook has had its days. Twitter saw a huge influx in new users last month, while Facebook saw its users leave.

Not the best thing I’ve ever written, but still, worth a piece.

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