The Purpose of Life & Arsene Wenger

Two strange topics to conflate, right? I don’t care.

I’m basically going to express what is on my mind.

The purpose of life is simple. It is to know our Lord. Once we know our Lord we can become closer to Him, and then worship Him. We can only do this in one way. We have to remember the secret which is ingrained deep down within us. The Arabic word for a human being is Insaan, which comes from the root word which means ‘to forget’. Upon entering this life we forget our purpose but our purpose is, simply, to remember. But this memory is not within the brain, it is within the soul. Let’s not waste our life. It’s temporary. We’re only hear for a short sojourn and we will die. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe later on in life. Either way, your life will fly past. If we decided to waste it we will plead with our Lord to send us back once we die. But it will be too late. Don’t allow this to happen.

Arsene Wenger needs to go, seriously man. I don’t understand why some Arsenal fans still insist he is the right guy for the job. Do they enjoy being humiliated or something? I don’t. In fact, I have gone past caring. I stopped caring at the beginning of the season when Wenger hadn’t bought anyone. Now, with no Fabregas and no Nasri, what hope did we have? If we come fourth this season ( hurts saying that) we will be lucky. But yeah man Wenger needs to go, it’s a joke. And so do all the useless players.

Nothing wrong with following football. But life should ultimately be taken seriously. Joking around and playing is fine. But, really, we should constantly deliberate on why we are here. That’s it.

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