The Riots Have Nothing to do With The Police or The Government

Just a quick point. It seemed as if the riots first began because of the death of Mark Duggan who was shot by Police. This may be true, but since then, it has turned into a bunch of animals causing havoc. This has nothing to do with police brutality or government cuts but it is all to do with the lack of morality in our society.

98% of the youth probably haven’t encountered direct brutality from the police, nor have they been unfairly treated, yet they see the police as an evil entity. Do they not know that the police go out everyday and protect society? What would happen to the country if the police stopped working for a few days? Of course some police do abuse their powers, but that shouldn’t reflect on the whole police force.

These youth are frustrated. Some say because of a lack of jobs, deprivation and government cuts. That’s not true. The youth are frustrated because they have no sense of purpose in life.

All these thugs will soon be caught, the majority of it all is on camera. The worst thing, though, is that these idiots burning down businesses, shops and houses mean that innocent people are losing their livelihoods. If a Father or Mother loses his or her job, their only source of income, how are they suppose to feed their family?

The youth aren’t thinking about all of this. To be honest, this is the cause of the whole situation. Nobody is thinking. But we’re not trained to use our minds in this society, we’re trained to use our ego. And that is the root cause of all the problems.



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  1. Im not sure I entirely agree with your statement, what a person who has grown dependent on the state and knows this dependency as “the way life is” suddenly gets a brutal wake up call and finds out because of rich bankers who basically wanted to use our money to earn themselves bigger bonuses ended up causing a recession that they now have to lose what they have lived on for so many years. Even while the people telling them that they need to get jobs and better themselves are the same people who only a while ago were under scrutiny for the way they also used tax payers money to live lavish lifestyles that could quiet honestly pay for hundreds if not thousands of these people very low budget and modest lifestyles. We as a society are so easy to punish those who we look down upon, for years we have always condemned “chavs” and the “working class” keeping them on the fringe of society and now we see the result, in a generation that has grown up with no hope and no future. They have nothing to lose from all of this rioting and looting they don’t see themselves with realistic promising futures and have decided to take this opportunity to get things that they cannot otherwise get especially with these cuts coming into place soon. We shouldn’t be looking at them saying what “animals” but we should be asking ourselves why have they gone out to do such a thing and why am I not, is it because I see myself with a future is it that I have hope of one day being able to obtain such free things, is it because I have to much too lose by doing such a thing? And work on giving these people hope. Its easier for most of these people to make money selling drugs and stolen goods then to get a legitimate job.

    As far as the police are concerned in my opinion its a more difficult topic. You ask what would happen if the police stopped working for a few days, well its simple we would be in a free for all society with no laws to stop us. The police are to serve and protect the citizens and they have Im sorry to have a very difficult but near impossible job of having to be as we see perfect. They have to use the right amount of force in situations any surplus or insufficient will be criticised heavily by people. However you say that 98% haven’t faced police brutality or been unfairly treated I would say that is a very brave estimation. There is a video of only yesterday the police abusing there powers. And its because these are the people we are meant to look up to, to up hold the laws that govern us that corruption at any level isn’t acceptable, its not a blame of the whole police system just at the few who cause problems. I have been stopped and searched under no reasonable grounds. And it taints your view when you know its based on prejudice even if its not you but someone close to you it damages your view on them. We go for easy targets who are angry and frustrated and have no power and like cowards instead of standing up for them and ourselves we side with people in power.

    I shall have a blog up with this and the rest of my views up shortly. Sorry for my long winded reply.

    • I have since changed my mind about this. And, surprisingly, only just read what you said just now. I agree with most of your thoughts.

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