Five ways to tell if your being lied to

Here are five ways to tell if somebody is lying to you whether it be: your employee, your parents, child, boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife.

1) Avoiding Eye Contact

This is one of the best indicators of a liar. If they weren’t lying, why are they avoiding looking at you?

2) Looking To The Right

Looking to the right stimulates the part of the brain which is associated with imagination. In other words, the liar is trying to make something up on the spot. This leads to my next point…

3) Garbled Language

When making stuff up, the liar will often stutter, mix their words and pause.

4) Touching The Mouth

Lies, of course, emerge from the mouth. So if the liar is continuously touches their mouth or keeps putting their hand over their mouth it is a good indicator that they are telling fibs!

5) Changing The Subject

This is learnt in political school. Take our Prime Minister, Bush, Obama etc, they’re all a bunch of fabricators. So what do they do? They change the topic to avoid getting into a kerfuffle.

These five signs were taken from ShortList magazine, July 14.

Twitter: omar_shahid

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