Who is Omar Shahid: Getting to know the real me

I’ve been thinking recently the way I come across on my blog is different to how I actually am in real life. So I just want to tell you, in casual terms, who I really am.

I would say I am different. Saying that, I don’t think I’m better than anybody else, I generally think most people are better than me. I think, though, in order to succeed in life, you have to be very confident and sometimes think you are better than others. I’m different in the sense that I don’t do what most people do, but the thoughts that go through everybodys mind also goes through mine.

I think what forms my personality is a combination of my religious convictions, certain innate traits and my upbringing.

Without doubt, I am a deep thinker. Everyday I find myself thinking about the paradoxes of life and my purpose in life. I normally know exactly when I have done something wrong, I just feel it. And normally, I feel weird inside when I do something wrong and until I rectify my fault, I feel in a state of disharmony.

I don’t believe the way I write my blog posts shows who I really am. I often imitate other people’s writing styles, and I am slowly developing my own-I have yet to fully master my own style.

I have a need to socialise. Even though I’m an only child, I can’t live without communicating with my friends. Speaking of my friends, I would do anything to protect them. If somebody becomes an important person in my life, I’ll always be there for them.

I don’t know if I’m a good person or not, neither do I know if I’m a good Muslim. If God thinks I am, great, but I see myself as a person who has a lot of perfecting to do. My aim is to eradicate and master all my faults and become the best person I can be. Even though I don’t consider myself a good person, I would say I’m quite selfless. I’ll always put others before myself. I would starve to allow others to have food.

Don’t take my blog, my facebook status’ or my tweets to be who I really am. Once I get to know somebody and I feel comfortable with them, it is then they will see who I really am.


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