The Truth About Music Nobody Will Tell You

We are in the age of Lady Gaga, Rihanna and the like. But what affect are these sort of nonsense-singers having on us? A bigger affect than you would probably think. I know we don’t all listen to the nonsense these two singers produce, but the liklihood is that you listen to something, perhaps, worse. Before I am called a hypocrite, let me clarify my own situation. Yeah, I listen to music (from time to time) but not very often.  

First, don’t tell me you can listen to any music, as much as you want, and it doesn’t change your state of mind. True, music is something we all like to listen to. But something we all need to come to terms with, is that, it can be extremely harmful.

Slow music can make you calm and relaxed; music can even boost your creativity and help you memorise stuff. Classical music has even been found to help digestion and reduce a stress hormone called cortisol. But then again, fast music has been linked with increased aggression and arousal levels. Interestingly, pigs eat more when listening to rock music. And music in retail shops can make us stay longer, and therefore increases the likelihood of us buying something.

Why do I mention all of this? Well, the truth is, music can alter your brainwaves and therefore your behaviour, and ultimately, your attitudes. Your brain absorbs information, whether we realise it or not, and if we are constantly exposed to something, it can become imprinted into your subconscious. If, however, music was mostly positive and about things which could benefit us, then of course, there’s no problem. This isn’t the case though, is it? I would say 95% of the mainstream music that we are all forced to listen to everyday- whether we be: in the gym, shops, work, bus etc – is all a bunch of nonsense; mainly about sex (unmarried sex, of course), egoism, why money is everything and violence. In other words, all the stuff promoted in the secular and selfish society we live in. But who cares, ay? After all there isn’t a God is there…?

Music, however, is just one instrument used to indoctrinate us. There is also the TV. Have you ever seen somebody so engrossed with what they are watching on TV, it seems as if they are almost in a trance? It’s like you could wave your hand in front of their face but they wouldn’t notice. Do you know why this is?  TV is made up of waves-just like your brain is. And when you watch TV, often, but not always, the two waves (from the TV and your brain) become entrained, until they become synchronised together. Once we are in this state, we are susceptible to subconscious messages… Don’t believe me? Research it.

Anyway, get back to your Lady Gaga and Rihanna mantra. ‘I’ll do what I want and nobody will tell me what I should do with my life’. Yep. At your own peril.

And, oh yeah, new official studies show mobile phones can cause brain tumours. Damn it. I like my Iphone. What exactly can we do without it damaging us!?!?

by Omar Shahid


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  1. i don’t like this kind of music

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  5. Great stuff, brother. Keep it up.

  6. Literally just read someone say ‘Children wanting to be Rianna is bad but children wanting to be lady gaga is mad’, then randomly came acroos this. Just read a few others i’m liking your stuff.

  7. Agree with some of your points about the content of pop music and it’s role in consumerism etc. But I think you are being a bit too sceptical in saying music being such a detrimental influence.

    Sure 13 year old girls listening to Rhianna and Gaga will have a very out of perspective view on life, and boys from the ‘hood’ are influenced by hip hop and gangster rap et al. It’s this manufactured music made my big corporate labels which is the problem, the ‘artist’ is just a pretty face on a product, and couldn’t give a real live performance without studio production.

    However there are still credible bands/singer/songwriters in the mainstream who shouldn’t be thrown under the same category. MTV officially killed music for the masses, very intrigued about the point you made about TV waves – is that an exact science or just a theory?

    • I’m not painting everybody under the same brush. I clearly made the distinction between those who talk about positive things and those who don’t. My point is that most artists these days sing/rap about nonsense and this can affect us.

      There have been studies into TV by psychologists. The studies show the brain produces alpha brain waves when watching TV and your nervous system starts to slow down and you then become more receptive and once you enter into a slow brain wave state you’re more open to messages.

      • Its true, though i don’t think its that T.V has subliminal messages. We are taking a psycalogical effect from the T.V such as we would to normal life, for instance, talking to friends, and watching people you familiarise your self with, even much wider things like life and the universe, for more open minded people. But as most people watch a lot of T.V, it has a massive impact. These “subliminal” messiges are nothing but the vast knowledge and want to learn that we have taking effect through our perspecive of the univers, and gradualy we change to acustom what is around us… If you put a baby in a false reality and told them it was life, they would forever belive it to be life, for all we know, we could all be in that state, maybe aliens, future civilisations, some sort of god, anything (just to be clear I don’t belive that necesearily, its just a theory I have, like reancarnation, religion or the big bang)

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