Pakistan: The Cursed State America Will Never Abandon

Pakistan is the only Muslim country in the world with nuclear weapons. It’s quite ironic if you think about it. Of all the Muslim countries…Pakistan? The ‘almost failed state’ which is crisis-ridden, plagued by Islamist insurgents, corrupt leaders, no democracy, and, of course, fraudulent cricket players. Why on earth does America continue to give it billions of dollars a year-what use does this ‘cursed state’ have for America? The answer is in my first sentence. Nuclear weapons.

Pakistan’s population is more than half the size of the entire Arab world with a population of 180 million. Despondently though, the majority of the people live in the depths of poverty, while the country’s uneducated and crooked leader’s, refuse to develop the country’s economy and civil institutions, instead, distribute patronage to their clan and cronies.

The country has been ricocheting between military and civilian governments for decades- each one failing one after another. The military-although ensure stability-can’t make the country develop and prosper. The civilian governments (who are probably worse) time after time end up being a bunch of crooks who suck the country of its money.

The governments of Pakistan and America are supposedly close allies, but often betray each other with repetitive regularity. Although I doubt the Pakistani government were complicit in hiding Osama bin Laden, some elements within the ISI (Pakistan’s Intelligence service) and the Army-who often work together-would have known. The relationship between the Pakistani and American governments will further be complicated and damaged by the finding of bin Laden in Abbottobad, Pakistan. Both governments are supposedly angry at each at the moment.America is furious that the Pakistani government were so negligent with bin Laden. And Pakistan claim they are annoyed that America disrespected their sovereignty by coming into Pakistan without permission.

America cannot afford to abandonPakistan though, for one simple but enormous reason. If one day Pakistan were to throw off their shackles, gain some freedom, and instate an ‘Islamist’ government (possessing nuclear weapons) who refused to bow down to America; seeing them for who they really are…a country that abandoned Pakistan for India after the Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan and a country that sends drones every other day into their country killing civilians in the process, America, in effect, would be screwed. America cannot afford to let this happen and that is why they will continue to ‘befriend’ Pakistan. For, in many people’s opinion, America’s ultimate aim is to take Pakistan’s nuclear weapons from them to prevent any disaster in the future.

So what now? Pakistanis in a big mess. It’s on the verge of becoming a failed state. And the idiots in government may only have a limited time before the Army-who possess the real control over the country’s affairs- force the current government to relinquish power and… take over once again.

by Omar Shahid

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