Vote YES to AV


On Thursday we have the opportunity to make the British electoral system a better one. Indeed, the referendum which gives us the choice of voting for a ranked choice electoral system is not perfect, but, it is better than our current system. These are the reasons why you should vote Yes tomorrow.

Our current First Past The Post system has major flaws. Many MPs have safe seats across the country, meaning that there are constituencies that will always generally vote for a particular political party. This leaves millions of citizens feeling disenfranchised and that their votes change nothing. AV will change this.

The current system isn’t proportional either. The Lib Dems, for example, won a quarter of all votes in last year’s elections, but only gained 1 in every 10 seats.

In the current system, a party can win with only 30% of the total vote, so how is it democratic when 70% of voters didn’t vote for them? The AV system, however, means that MPs will have to gain more than 50% of votes to win in their respective constituency, but if they don’t, the votes of the second and third choice candidates will be added up until their is a 50% majority. This is, without doubt, a more democratic system.

The latest polls show the ‘No’ campaign is 32 points ahead. But there’s still time to change your mind.

I hope the arguments I have adduced not only make sense, but also show you why AV is a better system- albeit an imperfect one. Indeed AV does have its flaws, but it will increase democracy and decrease kleptocracy. And, oh yeah, the Tories don’t want AV, that is probably the best reason why you should vote for it.

By Omar Shahid

*Picture above taken from front page of The Economist, edition 18*

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