Osama Bin Laden Is Dead & So Is His Ideology

Whoever said America was a selfish country was wrong. I mean, they waited until after the Royal Wedding to kill Bin Laden didn’t they?

Just as an air of suspicion and conspiracy seems to linger on about 9/11, there certainly seems to be something odd, once again, about the death of Bin Laden. No pictures, well not so far anyway, and then burying him in the sea…

So, 10 years after the attacks on the World Trade Centre and the Pentagon, the worlds most advanced and powerful country, spending millions, if not billions in the process, have killed ‘the worlds most wanted man’.

Bin Laden had openly declared in the past that his enemies would never take him alive, and earlier this morning, we are told that he tried to defend himself as the Americans took his life. As to those who ask ‘why didn’t they capture him alive?’ – the answer is obvious. You can’t capture a man who probably had a machine gun in his hand and is not afraid to die.

We are also told Bin Laden was residing in a palace in Abbottabad, Pakistan, near a military academy. So, obviously, the Pakistani intelligence service, the ISI, were protecting him; well, until now of course. The ISI is a very complicated organisation with many different ideologies and views within it. And, possibly, due to pressure from Pakistani President Asif Zardari, or money given to certain individuals in the ISI, a faction within the dissenting Pakistani organisation gave up Bin Laden by providing America with the intelligence of his whereabouts.

Where does this leave Al Qaeda? Let us not forget this group was, of course, formed by America in the 1980’s to fight the Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan. In my opinion, the Al Qaeda ideology has been made bankrupt with the recent Arab uprisings, as the protesters in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya et al have shown that change is indeed possible-not by blowing up buildings- but by coming together in solidarity to demand change. These protestors have not called for an Islamic caliphate-like Bin Laden so vehemently has- but for freedom, justice and human rights.

The worlds most wanted man came from an extremely wealthy family, and by the age of 14, inherited $300 million. What led this billionaire to commit the atrocious acts on 9/11? There must have been a reason. But this reason is never discussed. We never hear ‘why’? In the resulting ‘war on terror’ which ensued after 9/11,which has ‘justified’ the killing of millions of innocent people in the process, America has created even more terrorists. Indeed, extremism has become rampant in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan as a result of foreign occupation since 2001 by the meretricious American cowboys. But until America changes their imperialistic foreign policy- no matter who they kill- they will never be safe.

And for all those people who are a tad confused. It was Saif al Arab Gaddafi, not Saif al Islam Gaddafi that was killed in Libya. In other words, the crazy guy is still alive.

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