Understanding People’s Psychology Through Facebook & Twitter

You’d be surprised how much you can tell about a person through their Facebook and Twitter. From those who spend their entire day tweeting, to those who talk to you a lot online, but, in real life, they say nothing, and those who love to show of their bodies in their pictures. What can be said about the psychology of those who use social networking sites?

I like to classify people who use social networking sites (who include myself) into two. There are those who are similar in real life to the way they are on fb and twitter. And then there are those who are hardly recognisable in real life compared to the way they act online. It is the second type that fascinates me.

How many ‘friends’ do you have on fb and twitter who leave plenty of statuses and tweets-especially ones that are quick to call people horrible names and insult people-but, in real life, what do you find? They don’t utter a word! These are the same people, of course, who talk to you online every night.

I don’t claim to be an expert in psychology-although I managed to stick out a whole year of psychology at AS level-the people I mention above, seem to suffer from a serious lack of confidence in real life, and, perhaps, don’t like face to face confrontation. Or in the words of one of my friends, they are ‘annoying people’.

Then we come to those who love to flaunt their [ass]ets on their profile pictures-yes, I’m talking about girls. There are plenty of girls who take pictures of-half their face and half their cleavage, then, of course, we have the lollipop suckers, the girls who turn around and show what their ‘mama has blessed them with’ etc etc. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not criticising any of these girls, I just want to ask one question…why? If they seek attention, then sure, they’ll receive plenty of attention from the type of boys who are looking for girls they can take advantage of, and, plenty of ‘likes’ on their pictures.

Wait, I have more, but it’s time to talk about guys. Now, fair enough, there are girls who want a bit of attention, but there are boys who are their equivalents… you know, the ones who take pictures of themselves topless and publicise it. But what makes it worse, is that, half of these guys don’t even have particularly good bodies. It’s as if they see some sort of hunk in the mirror…

Without sounding like I’m just having a rant (which I am) let us bring up one more point, or type of person. It is those people who tell us every intricate detail about their ‘personal’ life. I don’t need to elaborate on this, you all probably have your fair share of ‘friends’ who talk about everything from their lunch, to them wanting to punch their Mum or Dad in the face. But it seems that these people have a need to communicate their feelings to people, and because they may not have close friends or family who they can vent their feelings to – in an effort to release their frustration, anxiety or boredom – they tell everyone.

What is important to remember – as i have emphasised in previous posts – is that, we need to be careful not to judge a person by what we see outwardly. Because, in reality, we don’t know their past experiences, and why they do what they do. These reasons range from deep psychological issues, to a lack of affection as a child, or having a company of bad friends. Sorry, couldn’t help but get a bit philosophical as usual.

This was a short respite from my more ‘serious’ posts, but not for long, my next one will be on the compatibility of religion and evolution.

By Omar Shahid

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