What The Reconciliation Deal Between Fatah & Hamas Could Mean For Israel

Fatah have reached an agreement with their rivals Hamas on forming an interim government and fixing a date for the general elections- much to the disdain of Benjamin Netanyahu’s Israeli Likud party. Netanyahu came out after the news of the reconciliation between the two Palestinian factions, and gave Mahmood Abbas, the Palestinian PM one option, and one option only. It’s either me, or Hamas, take your pick.

Hamas won the Palestinian elections in 2006, but the elections were not recognized by the western countries and their victory was therefore nullified. It seems unlikely they will win the next elections outright with a clear majority. What is likely, however, is some sort of coalition with Fatah-who have support in the West Bank- with Hamas having a good number of MPs in the government. This will, therefore, give Hamas a say in the affairs of Palestine and their relationship with Israel.

Fatah know that they have failed in their ‘peace talks’ with Israel, as they have received nothing apart from Netanyahu’s middle finger. Prime Minister Abbas is losing the confidence of his people, as the Palestinians continue to suffer from the Israeli’s military occupation and constant colonization of their land. Hamas have remained firm and have continued to their fight against their enemy next door, and till this day, refuse to recognize the state of Israel.

The agreement between the two Palestinian factions is a step in the right direction. It represents a unification of principles, and the endeavour for ultimate justice. The Obama administration failed miserably in their attempts at providing peace between the Israelis and Palestinians. The issue, ultimately, will only be resolved by the two sides who are entrenched in it.

The hope for all-apart from Zionists perhaps- is a two state solution, with lasting peace, with an end on the siege on Gaza and freedom for the Israeli and Palestinian people…albeit a difficult thing to imagine. I would love to say the future is bright and only a Middle Eastern utopia will ensue. But I can’t. What I can say though is the Arabic phrase InshAllah which means God willing.

by Omar Shahid


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