Understanding Life & The World We Live In

 Life is full of ups and downs, apparent contradictions, worries and happiness. In this short sojourn we find ourselves in, we are all faced with different challenges and obstacles we must tackle. Everyone one of us has had a different life, has a different personality, a different group of friends and family and has had to deal with different experiences. This is why “we can never assume that anyone in this world can really understand your circumstances other than from the perspective of his/her own circumstances, because, in reality, people see things only in accordance with their frames of reference and their personal path(1).”

Whatever situation we find ourselves in, it is important to always remain-or try to remain- impartial and objective in all that we do. Our thoughts, however, can never be truly independent. We are all products of our upbringings and environment, our personalities and our beliefs. But sometimes we have to try to step back, take ourselves out of the equation and it is then, and only then, that we will have more of a perceptive, free and penetrative view of life. Discerning the truth is impossible without a free mind; uncluttered from all the junk it is fed everyday on the TV and radio.

In this day and age our minds are not trained to think on the level they were designed for. There is not necessarily one way at approaching life per se. And this is why developing a philosophy of pluralism is essential to understanding all the differences in life. We are all in search for meaning, either knowingly or unknowingly. And once we acknowledge that there is a meaning, everything in life is transformed into signs pointing us to our ultimate destination. These signs are singular and individual and will therefore lead us to the source of meaning.   

by Omar Shahid

1) http://www.sandalaproductions.com/UploadedResources/Foundation%20Spiritual%20Path.pdf

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