Hosni Mubarak’s Time Is Up

  Today Egyptian TV, controlled by the government, showed Tahrir square (a central point in Cairo) as completely empty. The reality of the situation couldn’t have been more different. 50,000 protesters came to the streets, as they have done for a week now, demanding the end of Hosni Mubarak and his corrupt government. Videos on Al Jazeera show military tanks attempting to run over innocent protestors and police physically assaulting men and women. Egyptian TV, meanwhile, warned it’s people not to watch Al Jazeera-be patriotic they said and watch Egyptian TV, foreign news channels like Al Jazeera are liars they told the people.

The Egyptian people have been repressed for the last 30 years, since Mubarak came to power. They are still scared to come to the streets in case they are fired upon by police. An Aljazeera crew found 23 bodies in the Alexandria mortuary, apparently shot by police-several had mutilated faces. The Egyptian military yesterday tried to scare protestors by flying F-15 fighter jets over Cairo in attempt to make protestors so scared that they would stop marching. It didn’t work. And today a coalition of opposition groups called for 1 million Egyptians to go to the streets tomorrow to demand the removal of their oppressive tyrant. All that is needed is two or three days of protests numbering two or three million to end the reign of Mubarak. The government are scared. So scared in fact that they have cut off all internet services in Egypt.

Probably more important, though, is the military’s stance in the next few days. If a few powerful yet honourable army generals stand up to a few corrupt powerful army generals, this will create the required discord and disunity needed topple Mubarak’s government and the despot himself. 

Israel’s PM Benjamin Netanyahu said today according to the BBC that he is keeping a careful eye on what is transpiring in Egypt. The Israeli PM is scared that a “radical Islamic party could come to power like in Iran.” And rightly so should Israel  be scared. Egypt is one of the most powerful Islamic countries in the world, and if they were to withdraw their support of Israel, the Zionist state would become extremely vulnerable in an area surrounded by Islamic countries. If a repeat of the 1967 Arab-Israeli war which saw Egypt, Jordan and Syria fight Israel come about again in the future, Israel would be severely damaged-perhaps irreparably. Israel, however, seem to be ignorant of the fact that the main opposition party, the Muslim Brotherhood, are far from radical-in fact, their leader Mohammed El Baradei has won the Nobel peace prize. Egypt was the first Islamic country to sign a peace deal with Israel in 1979, but once Mubarak goes, Israel will lose support from its main Arab ally.

What is interesting is America’s reaction to the protests. The Egyptian army receives $1.3billion annually from Washington, but I presume a large amount of this will be taken away once Mubarak leaves. America made a deal with Mubarak when he first came to power. Be our ally and support Israel and we will keep you in power-America once said. But now that Mubarak is at the end of his leadership, they will, of course, dump him-just like they have done to every other dictator they have supported and served their purpose. Most recently, the likes of Saddam Hussein and Tunisia’s ex President Ben Ali come to mind, but it has happend throughout history. And Mubarak too will be forgotten about by Washington once he is ousted. What Mubarak fears however, isn’t that he will lose the support of the Americans. No. It is the inescapable possibility that he will be brought to justice once he is out of power. This is what the Egyptians want, and what the whole world want too. Mubarak will soon be gone.

Omar Shahid

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