The Power Of Energy

Everything is made up of energy. Even our own bodies. If you were to break our body down into its basic constituents, fundamentally we are energy. Because we are basically a big bundle of energy, we can channel this energy either positively or negatively-even though we may not know we are doing it.

Feelings, emotions and memories are all immaterial, and they are energy sources which can be repressed deep within us. If these repressed feelings, emotions and memories cannot be released, they are channeled through us into the environment. But before they are channeled into the environment they pass through us! This means that, our body’s appearance becomes a representation of how we feel. That is why sometimes you can tell that there is something wrong with somebody just by looking at them. Likewise, if somebody has suffered a terrible life, there body will show it, particularly the face.

Therefore our body becomes a manifestation of our inward reality. If you are a content person, who is at peace with themselves, you too will show it. That is why some people’s faces seem to glow and you feel happy and calm around them.

Finally, it seems to me as if things such as natural disasters are caused by the negative energy channeled by us into the environment. If we are harboring negative energy inside of us, this will be emitted into the environment, and negative events will occur. That is why many religions advocate the idea of events happening because of ourselves, like Hinduism which propounds the idea of Karma (cause and effect).

Omar Shahid

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