My Theory On the Soul (Part 1)

According to religious believers, God knows our actions, intentions and thoughts. But how is this possible if all these things all immaterial-one may ask? God, by definition, must also be immaterial, as He does not exist in this material, temporary world.

Therefore, the reason why God, perhaps, knows our intentions and thoughts is because of the immaterial energy which flows from the soul to the brain. God created the soul, and according to Genesis, breathed into it. So it is fair to assume that God has an intrinsic link with the human soul. This intrinsic link allows the Creator to have knowledge of the soul, and everything it does and intends.

Science, at this current moment, cannot explain the intentionality of the brain. A theist might purport that intentionality is the energy emitted from the soul to the brain. But why does the soul have the ability to form intentions, and not the human body? The soul pre-existed the body- and before it was placed on this earth- was given the faculty of free will. This free will dictates that humans can freely choose what they do and don’t do in this life.

The soul is fundamentally YOU. We are all souls but disguised in a human form. The soul is not something which can be seen in this transient and material world- the human body is needed for the soul to exist within.

If your body and soul are not well linked, this means that the information received by the brain, from the soul, becomes distorted. In order for your body and soul to be able to communicate well, one must have a strong link between body and soul. If this strong link isn’t there, an individual cannot truly be at peace with themselves. The main problem however, is that when the body and soul cannot work in unison, one starts to become like a ‘frog’, they just react to stimuli and are unable to use their rationality- which is one of the main aspects of the soul. When this is the case, an individual is likely to merely seek bodily pleasures and not aim for the higher pleasures the soul yearns for.

Omar Shahid

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