Are Women & Men Equal?

If equality means ‘correspondence in quantity, degree, value, rank, or ability’ then the presumption that women and men are equal is a fallacy.

And no I am not a bigot advocating the supremacy of man. On the contrary, I am advocating that women are superior in some ways and men are superior in others, and because of this, we should treat each sex in relation to their innate natures. Logically speaking, on a biological and emotional level, women and men are very different, so how can they be equal? However, should women and men have equal rights? Yes, well 99% of the time anyway, there are a few exceptions, but I’ll discuss that another time.

No human society in history has managed to implement complete equality of rights between women and men. And today we still have a long way to go. In woman’s struggle to gain equal rights, many have neglected their innate nature and fail to realise their purpose and their own human limits. Women participating in sports like boxing, rugby and weight lifting just does not seem right, I’m sorry, call me sexist, but it really freaks me out. Likewise men, a lot of the time, are failing to actualise their natural states. Men are becoming more and more effeminate (skinny jeans don’t even go there) and no longer come across as the stronger sex who have the ability to look after and take care of women. It seems then, that in recent times, there seems to be some sort of role reversal, women are becoming more like men, and men more like women-what is going on?

The 19th and 20th century women’s rights movements have shown their desire to be independent, autonomous, to have access to work and to earn the same wages as men. At the same time, women want to maintain their femininity, and status as women. Men’s traditional role within the society and family have become obsolete, they are becoming more and more afraid to assume roles of authority, and there behaviour, bodies and clothes are becoming feminised.

Thus when females and males are treated as identicals further inequality is produced. The two sexes need to embrace who they are, and come to term with their being, we need to transcend our egos and desire to be like the opposite. It is only after we reach this self actualisation that human society can thrive. Women and men should work together, and by combining the differences that set us apart, we can flourish as human beings. It is then that we will come to learn that our differences are a necessity and a blessing.

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