A reply to Alex Goff’s ‘Death’

My argument intends to counter the monist/materialist view presented in the link above. If I can prove that a human being consists of two seperate entities, then although this would only prove the existence of the soul, it would still show that it is more likely than not that there is life after death.

As with anything metaphysical, it cannot be proved with tangible evidence, but can only be proved logically. Although I cannot refute much of Alex’s argument, the presupposition that we only consist of one entity, and that science is sufficient to explain ‘death’ is not only absurd but also paradoxical. If Science finds it difficult to explain much of the universe we live in, on what grounds can it comment on what happens once we depart from the universe? This does not mean I am against science, I am for it, but I do not believe it is the answer for everything.

The way in which we see is by watching images inside our brain. We observe images through electrical signals transmitted through our brain which then forms a picture. The same thing applies to all our other senses-touch, smell, hearing etc, they are all perceived in the brain as electrical signals. So it is reasonable to presume that we do not confront matter in its original form- which exists outside of us- but rather we produce an electrical copy of it which is produced as a signal formed inside our brain. We are therefore mislead in assuming these copies are instances of real matter outside of us.

These physical facts make us conclude that the world and the universe are only electrical signals in our brain. When we see a bird in the external world, in reality this bird is not in the external world but in our brain, the light particle reaches our eye and is converted into signals which are transmited in the centre of vision in the brain. The bird we see is in fact only electic signals in our brain. What we see of the bird and what we hear of it is nothing but our interpretation of it.

Whilst you are reading this on your pc you believe yourself to be inside a room but on the contrary, the room is inside you (your mind). Because you can see your body, you think that you are inside the room, but your body is just an image made inside your brain.

Since we can never reach the external world, how can we be sure it actually exists? The only world we can know is the world of perceptions we live inside our minds. We believe in the existence of objects just because we see and touch them and they are reflected to us by our perceptions, however our perceptions are only ideas in our minds. Objects we capture by percetions are just ideas. And these ideas are only in our mind, since they all exist in just the mind this means that we are beguiled by deception. To imagine matter to have an existence outside the mind is a deception and these might, after all, be coming from an articifical source…

In our dreams we think that what we see and touch is reality, but we are, once again, deceived. We think our dreams to be wrong only because of our habits and prejudices, but we are using the same brain, in our dream, to create our ‘reality’.

If all physical events are perceptions, then what can be said about our brain? If our brain also consists of matter, then it must also be a perception like all other objects. Our brains are therefore nothing but a perception formed by vision and touch. But what is it that sees, hears and feels, thinks, reasons, has feelings and says ‘I am me’. What is it that forms intentions? This metaphysical being is the soul. Just as everything has no physical reality, the universe and our bodies have also don’t have a physical reality, the real absolute being is the soul.

This is the same soul which departs from the body and causes out of body experiences (which religious believers or non religious belivers have seen images of heaven and hell), the same soul which has been talked about since ancient Greek philosophy, the soul which most religions say exist, and of course, the soul which will leave our body at death and continue to live for eternity.

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