About Omar Shahid

Omar Shahid is a freelance journalist, copywriter and social media specialist.

He has written for The Guardian, New Statesman, Times, Independent, Al Jazeera, Goal.com, MTV, Huffington Post and local papers. He is also former politics editor at Live Magazine, a national youth publication.

Omar specialises in religious and political affairs, but has also written about music, comedy, football and youth issues. He has been interviewed on different radio stations, been asked to appear on Russia Today and the BBC and was a judge at Debating Matters, a national debating competition. Omar was chosen by the Economist to teach children the basics of journalism, and has also been invited by different national governments to attend conferences on religion and the modern world.

Inviting the likes of Lord Nazir Ahmed, Jack Straw, Imran Khan (Solicitor of the McPherson Report), MP Keith Vaz and more, he has worked under TV presenter and Media Analyst, Carl Arrindell.

Omar has interviewed a host of influential figures, including: Alastair Campbell, Billy Childish, Paul Mason, Ken Livingstone, Siobhan Benita, Jon Snow; politicians: John Bercow, Chuka Umunna; grime and hip-hop artists: Immortal Technique, Lowkey, Talib Kweli, Ghetts, Black the Ripper, Devlin, Logic, Mic Righteous, Akala, Logic; Islamic singers: Maher Zain and Raef; English professor John Sutherland and others.

The purpose of this blog is to not to enforce particular ideas on others, but to make people think and become more aware of issues which affect each and every one of us. More personal reflections rather than serious journalism, this blog is to be read more as a collection of the author’s thoughts.

Follow me on twitter: @omar_shahid


Email: omarshahid99@gmail.com 

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7 thoughts on “About Omar Shahid

  1. Assalamauikum ,
    I really admire your work and the way you express your thoughts in your blogs. I want to know about your career aspiration. I am enthusiastic to become a writer and want to gain experience for this purpose. Should i enroll myself in a Masters degree (specifically what field- journalism?) for this purpose?(if you can quote the university/college). Or is a bachelors degree in business enough? The reason im seeking advice from you is that i want to make a career in content writing/blogging/writing books.

    Would appreciate your response in this regard.


    • Dear Farah,

      Forgive me for taking so long to get back to you and thanks for your kind words. There are many people much more experienced than me who could give you better advice. But here is my two pence: An MA in journalism won’t guarantee you a job (although a place at City University maybe makes your chances a little higher). If I were you, I would find a specialist topic that you can excel in and that not many others cover. I would also diversify what you do – do things like copywriting on the side. Just remember that the job industry is very tough, so have thick skin, persist and try to stand out from everyone else.

  2. Re: interview with Scott Kugle
    Look for your reference to hm shaking his head and correct a typo. Excellent job. Looking forward to reading more of you.

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